Tip 25: Automating coordinate systems in PhotoModeler Coded Target Projects

Tip Video 25

In this tip video we show how Coded Targets can be used to automate the definition of scale, translation, rotation and offsets in PhotoModeler.

This is useful in a couple of scenarios:

1) When you have a type of project you repeat often, it might be useful to have its scale (and coordinate system rotation) set up automatically during the target marking stage. Less manual work to do.

2) When you have a set of pre-made targets (as shown in the video) attached to a scale bar, an L-shape (for rotation system definition), or paired offset targets. Then whenever you place the scale bar (or L-shape or offset targets) with coded targets in your scene and use the automated project method, your scale, rotation, and/or offsets are set up automatically. 

Automating your photogrammetry project this way can improve your efficiency as well as increase confidence – as it reduces user error.

This video demonstrates a method using the Automated Project type and settings on the Preferences pane. Additional capabilities are available with a few more steps by using a Coded Target Definition Import in the EGE (External Geometry Explorer) – for example, multiple coded scale bars.

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