PhotoModeler Deck Measurement Training Courses

Training Courses for Marine Deck Measurement will be conducted online and led live by a PhotoModeler expert instructor. They are full-time (approx. 8 hours a day), and last two days (we are contemplating a single day course as well –  contact us).  The courses will cover all of the award-winning PhotoModeler features that make it a valuable measurement tool in the marine fabricator’s toolbox. You will be running a real copy of PhotoModeler on a virtual platform and will have instructor guidance just as if you were in person.

At this time there is no scheduled course. Contact us if you are interested in joining a course or if your firm would like to book a group course for one or two days.

Key topics include, but are not limited to:

  • how to use and layout targets
  • how to take photos correctly
  • how to review your fieldwork
  • how to load photos into PhotoModeler
  • how to prepare and do the initial solve and check
  • how to create surfaces and perform deck panel outlining
  • evaluating the accuracy and developing standard operating procedures
  • exporting to a CAD package for further enhancement and diagramming
  • troubleshooting

Participants will complete practical examples and finish with a field project that will have them work on the project from the beginning (photography) to the end (CAD export). After completing the course, attendees can expect to be comfortable with using PhotoModeler and the photography needed to accurately model decks. Attendees will receive a certificate to indicate that they have proven a base knowledge of PhotoModeler and have the expertise to properly complete deck measurement projects.

Course Requirements

The requirements for the new virtual training platform are a modern computer with a high-speed reliable internet connection. We also highly recommend you have a digital camera for the assignments. A mobile phone camera will work too, but at some point, a dedicated camera for PhotoModeler projects is recommended. As well it will help to have access to an 8′ x 10′ clear floor area, access to a laser printer, and a roll of painter’s tape.

Note that these courses are run like in-person courses in that you will attend for a full 8 hour day with full attention and little distraction. You won’t be in a classroom but it would be best if you can set yourself up at home or the office as if you were. There will be breaks during the day, and the number of days depends on the course (this one is two days).

Course Leader

Our course instructor is Dan Mills, an experienced PhotoModeler trainer, has used PhotoModeler extensively while working with numerous private companies, and governments.