Photogrammetric Measurement for Rhino 3D

Use a normal camera to capture 2D or 3D data and use the native Rhino 3dm data exchange.

Measure the Real World with PhotoModeler
Model it with Rhino 3D 

Have you thought of modeling the world using just a camera? You can extract accurate 2D and 3D data from objects and scenes using a normal camera. PhotoModeler is a great measurement tool with some basic modeling capability, but it is often best to finish the work in a real modeler like Rhino 3D.

PhotoModeler and a Camera are a cost-effective way for accurate 2D and 3D scanning, measurement, surveying and reality capture.

Applications for PhotoModeler and Rhino 3D include:

  • Manufacturing and Fabrication for Retrofits (marine decks, marine canvas, kitchen, bath, home, pool, etc.)
  • Accident Reconstruction & Forensics
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture & Preservation
  • Biology
  • Engineering & Surveying
  • Film, Gaming and Animation

PhotoModeler shares data with Rhino 3D via the native Rhino 3dm file format.

The exported data to Rhino 3dm can include points, lines, surfaces, NURBS (curves and surfaces), triangulated meshes, photo-textures, and locations of the camera that took the photos (great for back plate work). 

Learn more about the various PhotoModeler products here, and the applications here.

Download a PhotoModeler trial.

Overview Video

The video "7 Useful Tips for Using PhotoModeler with Rhino 3D" describes the way PhotoModeler and Rhino 3D complement each other and outlines tips for best use. View the video below, and below that, read about the export integration and the seven tips for use.