Add-ons & Accessories

Eos Systems offers these Accessory Items to aid in using PhotoModeler:

In addition, 3rd party vendors sell pre-made coded targets as shown on the automation page. You can print your own coded targets in PhotoModeler but these sturdy sets can be useful.


Eos Systems offers Pre-Calibrated Digital Cameras, PhotoModeler / Digital Camera Bundles, and Camera Accessory items for your complete project solution. By purchasing a pre-calibrated camera from Eos Systems, you receive a camera that is accurately calibrated, saving you time so you can get started with PhotoModeler right away.

You can use your own digital camera (SLR or point-and-shoot) with PhotoModeler as well. These cameras for sale are an option for some customers. It is your choice.

For further detail visit the Camera Products or the About Cameras pages.

Eos Evidence Markers (product code "em")

Eos Evidence Markers (EEM) have been specially designed by Eos Systems for use in road accidents scenes and other surveying and forensic jobs. EEMs are high-visibility markers placed at the scene to assist in identifying important objects or features that might otherwise be difficult to see in some photographs.

EEMs are constructed of a durable plastic with a stable "L" shape. The included rubber base can be used to weight the EMM when out-of-doors in windy conditions. The EEMs will stand up to abuse and variable conditions, including high winds from the weather or fast moving vehicles. Each EEM contains an ID letter and a circular target both made of retro-reflective material, allowing them to be used easily in day or night conditions with a flash - no advanced knowledge of low light photography techniques required. There are 20 EEMs to a set. EEMs are about 10" tall. The use of EEMs in road scene projects increases the accuracy and reliability of your measurements.

Please contact or your local reseller for pricing and ordering information.

Dot Projection Slides (product code "dot1 / dot2")

High accuracy dot targets in the form of a 35mm slide. Used in a 35mm slide projector to project a grid of circular dots on a surface to be used with PhotoModeler's automated Sub-Pixel Target Marker. This comes as a set of six slides.

s1) 4316 dots, 0.1mm diameter, on 0.4mm spacing
s2) 1925 dots of 0.1mm diameter on 0.6mm spacing
s3) 1410 dots of 0.2mm diameter on 0.7mm spacing
s4) 693 dots of 0.2mm diameter on 1.0mm spacing
s5) 693 dots of 0.4mm diameter on 1.0mm spacing
s6) 308 dots of 0.4mm diameter on 1.5mm spacing

Eos can also produce custom dot sizes and spacing in this 35mm format. Contact for more information.

Example of a dot slide projected onto an object.
Delivery Time -
Airmail option: 5 to 10 days in North America, 8 to 30 days international
Fedex option: 1-2 business days in North America (for orders received before noon Pacific time), 3-7 days international

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