PhotoModeler UAS Product Overview

PhotoModeler UAS (PhotoModeler for Unmanned Aircraft Systems) is a version of PhotoModeler that has features for customers executing projects with photographs from a drone or UAV.

PhotoModeler UAS is a super-set of PhotoModeler Scanner and contains all its features. The additional features are aimed at improving accuracy and capability for customers using a UAV.

PhotoModeler UAS applications

  • Stock pile volumes
  • Terrain survey and contours
  • Multi-spectral agriculture analysis †
  • Mine reclamation
  • Accident scene aerial surveys

PhotoModeler UAS main features:

  • Accurate and persistent measure of Volumes with the Volume Object
  • Handling of geographic coordinate systems
  • Multi-spectral image support and orthophotos with false colored NDVI and similar metrics
  • Handling of UAV EXIF GPS data for coordinate systems or as control data
  • Accurate UAV camera auto-calibration
  • PDF project report

...and it includes all of PhotoModeler's and PhotoModeler Scanner's features.

For further detail see the UAS application examples and the PhotoModeler UAS comparison table.

For high accuracy survey with minimal ground control requirements consider investing in a PPK Drone Unit and using PhotoModeler UAS software's PPK integration module. The PPK Drone Unit we work with is Klau Geomatics PPK.

† Multi-spectral capability is for cameras with one lens and aligned multi-spectral channels.

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