How to use your PhotoModeler License At Home

During this time of the global COVID-19 pandemic, you may need to work from home and use your PhotoModeler licenses there – this page below outlines the various options for doing so.

We are open for business

PhotoModeler Technologies COVID-19 Response

Following government recommendations over COVID-19, the PhotoModeler Technologies / Eos Systems staff are working from their respective homes – remotely from our office – but we are open for business!

We expect to carry out business as close to normal as possible. Please bear with us that some response times may be slower. We will be conducting most business by email. If you do call, you may leave us voice mail but do tell us your email address so we can get back to you. For the fastest service, please contact us electronically.  We appreciate your patience.

We want to support all our customers as best we can during these times and we understand that many of you will be working from home.

Using PhotoModeler At Home

The standard PhotoModeler license (for standalone – non-netfloat) allows for one user to install and use the software on two computers.  This allows for one user to switch between a desktop computer and their laptop, or switch between an office computer and a home computer. Every non-netfloat license allows for two installs and activations to handle this case.  See the section below for Netfloat licenses.

For most customers to move the license to your home computer, you need to a) install the software, and b) activate it with your full activation code (received at the time of ordering).  If you cannot find your full activation code please contact with the email address and company name of the original order, and the 8 digit serial number (starts with p) if you have it from the License dialog of the software.

Here are the options for activation:

  1. Attempt an activation with your license key to see if an activation is available.
  2. If no activations remain (you will receive a message to this effect), move a license from an activated computer back to the license server so it can be activated at home.†
  3. If step 1 does not work, and step 2 is not possible, please email to explain your situation.
  4. If you need a code for just 30 days, and you have a computer and email address that have never requested a PhotoModeler evaluation code before, you can request an evaluation code automatically here.

† To  move a license back to the license server so it can be used elsewhere:

  • Choose the File tab, Choose ‘Version and License >’. (for older versions contact support)
  • Choose the ‘License Management…’ item.
  • Take note of the Serial Number.
  • Press the ‘Move/Remove License…’ button.
  • Click ‘Yes, deactivate license’.
  • When that has been successful, the license can be activated on another computer using the full activation code.

Installing PhotoModeler

To install PhotoModeler Standalone you will need to know which product (Standard vs Premium) and the expiry date of your maintenance. If you have a valid full (non-evaluation) license code, and your maintenance is fully up to date, you can download and install from one of these two links:

PhotoModeler Standard 64-bit Full Install
PhotoModeler Premium 64-bit Full Install

If your maintenance is expired you can download older versions on the PhotoModeler Install Archive page. This is for use only for those with valid standalone non-evaluation activation codes.

Network Floating Users

PhotoModeler Network Floating (netfloat) licenses cannot be moved. Although VPN access is not supported, it may be a way in your organization to access the netfloat share folder. Contact your IT department.

We wish you, your family, and your colleagues the best of physical and mental health in these difficult times.