Common Problems with Measuring Boat Decks

When getting started with PhotoModeler for decking projects, we recommend going through all introductory videos and resources on the Learning Boat Deck Measurement page.

This page references common PhotoModeler boat deck measurement problems, with links to specific videos that show how to address them. 

If you see "n:nn" after a topic, this is a time code. When a time code is shown, you can scroll the video to the correct place. Otherwise the video link will take you directly to the relevant part of the video. 

Getting Started

Placing Targets and Taking Photos (Full Video - new tab)

  • Placing Letter Sheet and Individual Targets:  0:47
  • Taking photos and camera angles:  2:00
  • Getting photos from camera to computer:  3:33

Keywords: Letter Sheets, target placement, photography, camera angles, image file management, transferring images to computer, target coverage, minimum number of targets.

Common Modeling tools (Full Video - new tab)

Best Fit Plane

  • Best Fit Plane: 1:57
  • Negative offset for thickness: 2:30

Surface Draw Curves, Tracing, Outlining

  • Surface Drawing:  2:52
  • Projections:  4:30


  • Export settings: 5:51

Keywords: Best fit plane, plane surface definition, surface plane offset, surface draw tips, exports, export settings, tracing, outlining, surface draw projections.


Surface Draw projection alignment issues

Reassigning Surface Draw's associated surface: (Full Video - new tab)

  • Setting Surface Draw Properties 

Keywords: Troubleshooting, associated surface, surface draw surface assignment, surface draw properties, projections, surface draw alignment, 

Sloped Deck Panels:

Flattening and Exporting (Full Video - new tab)

  • Export Settings:  1:14
  • Flattening results explained:  1:43
  • Exporting by Layer:  3:19

Keywords: sloped angled decks, flattening, export settings

Modeling Small Panels and/or non standard shapes (Full Video - new tab)

  • Target placement tips: 0:15
  • Manually marking and referencing points: 0:49

Keywords: target placement, small narrow deck panels, gunwales, narrow decks, manual point marking, manual referencing, point spread.

Improving Textured Deck Visibility

  • Using Image Enhance to improve decking surface visibility

Keywords: image enhance, deck texture visibility, trace pattern visibility

Point Mark, Lines and Projections Visibility

  • Setting Preferences for point mark colors

Keywords: point mark color, projections color, visibility settings, preferences, colors

Project Automation without Letter Sheet Targets

Modeling without Letter Sheet Targets: (Full Video - new tab)

  • Setting up scales and a coordinate system:  1:19

Keywords: automated target marking, manual coordinate system, setting scale, non-letter sheet targets, custom targets

Coded Target Presets (Full Video - new tab)

  • Setting up Coded Target Presets 

Keywords: coded target presets, automated coordinate system setup, coded target offsets, applying presets, preset configuration, automated coordinate system setup, automated scales.