PhotoModeler 2017.0.1/2 Releases

On May 4th, 2017 PhotoModeler version 2017.0.1 was released, and on May 26th, 2017 version 2017.0.2 was released.

These releases provide many small improvements and bug fixes, and a few interesting new features. View the summary list of changes, or the complete list.

The interesting new capabilities in these two releases are:

  • New UAS tutorials. With the introduction of an easier workflow to generate a textured surface model in a SmartMatch project, the UAS Tutorial has been re-recorded. There are now three new UAV/drone focused tutorials: Introduction, Orthophotos, and Ground Control Points. See tutorial list.
  • Planar textures in 3D views. The 3D viewer has a new texturing method option based on the new ortho-mosaic method released in 2017.0. This method is great for 2.5D objects. It is faster and produces higher quality results (better color balance, sharper, and better blending).
  • Planar textures on 3D model export. The new ortho-mosaic capability released in 2017.0.0 is now available when exporting a 3D model using the planar texture option. You get a 3d model with mapped UVs onto a single orthographic texture map. Suitable for 2.5D surfaces. It is faster, produces higher quality results (better color balance, sharper, and better blending), and the texture map file is contiguous.
  • Improved ortho-photo world file. The world file exported optionally with ortho-photos (you use these when importing the ortho-photo or ortho-mosaic into geo-aware software), has improved accuracy for more geographic coordinate systems.


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