PhotoModeler 2016.0 Release


PhotoModeler 2016.0.4 was released Jan. 27th, 2016 after a year of intense development and a couple of months of beta testing.

One of the main focuses of this release is improved results with drone / UAS / UAV projects. The software is much faster processing larger numbers of photographs, handles control points with more flexibility, and reads GPS data from drone image headers.

The improvements will help many different types of large projects in PhotoModeler Scanner (not just drone projects). As well there are numerous other changes that impact all three versions of the software.

The major improvements are:

New Smart Project Robust Orient. The photo orientation algorithm used in Smart Projects has undergone a complete rewrite. The major objective was speed improvements – esp. with projects with large numbers of photos (such as drone/UAS projects). It also has improved camera auto-calibration, and has greater flexibility with control point minimums.

Demo / Eval Changes. The Demo/Evaluation system has been revamped to allow for an initial full-capability evaluation period on download, after which PhotoModeler goes into a restricted Demo state. A Trial/Evaluation code can still also be requested.

GPS Camera Stations. Photos that contain GPS data (common with drone/UAS photos) can be automatically setup with a geo coordinate system and display in the 3d viewer.

Scripting. Script commands can be run from within PhotoModeler and/or by loading a text file. External control with DDE remains.

False color surfaces. Triangulated PointMeshes have two new display styles “Color from height” and “Color from photo overlap”. These ‘false color’ textures provide useful visual feedback.

Auto-assign control/EGE. A new tool automatically assigns control, pinned and multi-point transform points to associated points in the project. Points can be assigned by matching user name or point IDs.

Large Project UI Speed Improvements. Improvements in the speed of various user interface operations – noticable with large Smart Point projects.

User Interface Updates. New tool icons in the modern ‘flat’ style and new realistic Camera symbol in the 3d Viewer.

In addition, there are 126 fixes and improvements.

Getting the New Release

If you are a current customer and have an active maintenance subscription, get the update.

If you are new to PhotoModeler and would like to evaluate the new version, download it. You will have 10 days of full capability (load your own photos, export models, etc.). After 10 days it switches to a restricted Demo mode – and extension codes are available from PhotoModeler resellers.

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