PhotoModeler 2016.0.6 Release


PhotoModeler 2016.0.6 was released Mar. 24th, 2016.

The main reason for this release was to improve stability and fix user-reported crashes and problems. There were 9 crash fixes, 5 fixes to non-crash items and 7 small improvements.

We have found that PhotoModeler 2016’s new crash reporting tool (that sends data to us in the event of a crash) is helping us track down some of the rare and esoteric crashes. It is almost impossible to fix a bug if we can’t reproduce it here and the new crash reporting tool helps us do that. It is not perfect, but we do like how it has helped improve the stability of PhotoModeler for our customers.

One of the crashes that was quite annoying to customers was in the referencing area. This crash could occur during referencing or even when just moving the cursor when in referencing mode.  With a number of reports of this, and some customers kindly sharing their projects, we were able to track it down and fix it in this release.

As well, two improvements of note:

a) If you export large triangulated meshes to .obj, .wrl, .3ds, or .fbx formats you’ll like the speed increase. We’ve seen a large mesh export speed up as much as 50 times!

b) PhotoModeler Scanner allows one to keep multiple dense surface models in a project at once. While this is a powerful feature, it can be confusing at times esp. if your end goal after multiple runs, edits, etc. is just one dense surface model. There is a new dialog that gives you the option to keep only one dense surface model when one is created. You can now work with multiple dense surface models or just one, at your preference.


Getting the New Release

If you are a current customer and have an active maintenance subscription, get the update. You can also use Check for Updates within the PhotoModeler software.

If you are new to PhotoModeler and would like to evaluate the new version, download it. You will have 10 days of full capability (load your own photos, export models, etc.). After 10 days it switches to a restricted Demo mode – and extension codes are available from PhotoModeler resellers.

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