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PhotoModeler Maintenance Agreements

What is a Maintenance Agreement?

A Maintenance Agreement gives you access to all major and minor software upgrades, as well as product-directed technical support by email and phone for one year. This applies to PhotoModeler 2010 and later only.

Key benefits

  • The first year of maintenance is included free with all new licenses and upgrades.
  • Maintenance Agreement renewal costs add up to similar costs of upgrading every 2-3 years on our previous schedule of major version upgrades.
  • Users receive new features earlier - no need to wait for major upgrade versions.
  • After the first free year, a maintenance agreement is optional - PhotoModeler continues to run even without an active Agreement.

Is a Maintenance Agreement optional?

Yes, the first year of Maintenance Agreement is free and is included with your purchase of full and upgrade products. After the first year, the renewal is completely optional.

When you participate in the software maintenance program, you automatically receive the newest versions of PhotoModeler software upon release at no additional cost. This allows you and your organization to keep up with the latest software technology developments, take advantage of powerful new features and usability improvements, and manage software licenses more easily.

Is PhotoModeler still sold as a perpetual license?

Yes, all releases from version 2010 onwards are still sold as perpetual licenses. You have the right to use what you have purchased for all time. Even if you do not renew your Maintenance Agreement you can continue to use your current version of PhotoModeler for as long as you want.

What happens when my Maintenance Agreement expires?

When your Maintenance Agreement expires PhotoModeler will continue to run normally. However, once your Agreement has expired you will no longer have access to software upgrades and updates (major/minor/fixes). In addition, you will not have access to technical support, except for problems relating to licensing (e.g. lost your PhotoModeler license) which will always be supported for free. You will be able to download older patches and updates that were released during the time your Agreement was active. Note there is a Per-Incident Support Fee structure if you need support outside of a maintenance agreement.

How do I renew my Maintenance Agreement?

Renewing a Agreement involves buying a renewal from your reseller, and using the program's Licensing Dialog to update to the new expiry when the order is complete. See Renewing Maintenance.

How much do Maintenance Agreements cost?

A one year Maintenance Agreement is included with the purchase of PhotoModeler‡, or purchase of an upgrade or trade up‡. The Agreement year starts when the software is first activated for use. Maintenance Agreement fees are paid annually in advance on a per computer basis.

After the first year the cost to renew is:

PhotoModeler One Year of Maintenance Agreement †

$175 US

PhotoModeler Scanner One Year of Maintenance Agreement †

$345 US

PhotoModeler UAS One Year of Maintenance Agreement †

$475 US

31+ days after expiry

Price above * (1 + L / 12) where L is number of lapsed months (partial or full). L max = 12. See table of renewals fees.

Net float and site licenses Please contact sales or reseller.

† If renewed before the expiry of the current Agreement or within the 30 day grace period after expiry. North America prices - resellers may sell for a different amount. Prices subject to change.

‡ These maintenance options apply to the purchase of new PhotoModeler 2010 versions and later - for PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler UAS. Please the contact our support department for options on previous versions.

What do I get with a Maintenance Agreement and is support unlimited?

With a Maintenance Agreement you can download and install all major and minor upgrades for your product that become available while the Agreement is active. You also receive unlimited support for product problems - these are problems such as crashes, and the program not operating as documented. You will also be entitled to receive a reasonable amount of training assistance and project-related help.  If you have more significant needs for training or project assistance please contact PhotoModeler Technologies to learn more about additional services available.

I see a feature I like in a new PhotoModeler version but I've let my Maintenance Agreement lapse. How do I get the new version and what will it cost?

To get recent upgrades you need to renew your Maintenance Agreement. The maximum renewal fee is twice the yearly rate (for a Agreement lapsed one or more years). For example, a PhotoModeler Maintenance Agreement renewal to a North American customer would be $263 for 6 month lapse (one and a half years after first activation), or a maximum of $350 for a 1 year or longer lapse (2 years after first activation). As soon as you have an active Maintenance Agreement again you can download and activate the very latest PhotoModeler version.

How will I buy a Maintenance Agreement Renewal and what will I get?

Maintenance Agreement renewals are purchased from your reseller, or if you purchased directly from Eos Systems, you will be able to buy the renewal from Eos. Once you have purchased your renewal you will receive an email from the vendor (usually within 1-2 business days) telling you the Agreement has been renewed. After receiving that email, you will press the "Renew " button in PhotoModeler's Activation dialog - this connects to Eos' activation server via the Internet to grab the renewed license file.

Can I renew by Maintenance Agreement without an Internet connection?

Yes, you can use the offline activation method of the licensing dialog to renew a Maintenance Agreement - this involves emailing or calling in with your machine ID, receiving a special code from the vendor, and typing this code into the program.

How do I know when my Maintenance Agreement is expiring?

PhotoModeler's Getting Started pane and the License Management dialog show the date of expiry.

Why does PhotoModeler Technologies have Maintenance Agreements?

The two main reasons for Maintenance Agreements are:

  1. New major features don't have to wait until the next major upgrade cycle (potentially 2 to 3 years) and instead can be released as soon as they are finished - i.e. customers get access to exciting and useful features sooner.
  2. The cost to upgrade is spread out over time and is less 'peaky'.


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