New PhotoModeler 2012.2 Release

PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner have been updated to version 2012.2. The new version is available as a download patch or from within PhotoModeler using the Check for Updates function. There are 42 fixes and improvements including 6 exciting new features.

We are calling 2012.2 the “Point Cloud / Laser Scanner Integration” release! There are two new features which make importing and using point clouds and scanner data in PhotoModeler a breeze. The first feature is the Import Geometry system which handles point mesh files directly.

These imported point meshes can be used to generate control points, multi-point transform points, or be pinned / static model objects. In addition to this functionality, the imported cloud / meshes are treated like regular PointMeshes, that is, they can be textured, re-exported, etc.

The second feature is the new Sphere Target subpixel marker. Small spheres are commonly used as 3D scanner alignment tools. PhotoModeler can mark these spheres in a photo at subpixel precision making it easy to accurately align imported point cloud data to the PhotoModeler 3D data.

With this new functionality you can scan a scene with a laser or white light scanner, import the cloud data into a PhotoModeler project of the same area, match up points in the scan to marks in the photos (manual points or sphere targets), and then use the resulting merged data as one. Study the data together in the 3D Viewer, generate textures, generate ortho-photos, or re-export in new formats.

The new 2012.2 release features do not end there! In addition, there is a new cross-section / profile tool for PointMeshes, a new flexible text and CSV file import capability, a revamped and easier to use Add / Import Geometry dialog, and fly-out visibility control panels for each 3D View window. See New Features for more detail, including a video.

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