Measurement Challenge?

Do you have a 2D or 3D measurement challenge? Are you wondering if PhotoModeler can help?

We are here to answer your questions.

Do you fabricate something that needs on-site measurements, or template measurements?

  • Such as marine decking, marine canvas, pool covers, gaskets, countertops, window well covers, glazing, etc.
  • Ask us specific questions below, or visit our Fabricators page.

Do you reconstruct forensic scenes?

  • Such as reconstructing position, speed, etc. from security or dash cams, or measuring crime and accident scenes from the ground or air.
  • Ask us specific questions below, or visit our Forensics page.

Also, a description of the most viable applications.

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Not a good fit? While PhotoModeler is a compelling system for getting measurements and models using photographs and is an originator in this field, we do recognize that there may be better solutions out there for some tasks. Yes, we tell it like it is! If you are doing large-area geographic mapping from drones or generating dense point clouds and surfaces of objects for animations, rendering, or games, then there may be a better solution out there.