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Posts mentioning new releases of the PhotoModeler software.

PhotoModeler 2011 Release

The first upgrade release for 2011 is now available. The release is ‘2011.0.0’. There are 64 changes and fixes. A few of the useful improvements are: Camera station GPS and geo-coordinates support, Further speed improvements, and Cursor-key table navigation. Details here. This page describes our new version numbering system (that started with the 2010 release […]

PhotoModeler 2010 first patch released – 2010.0.9

The first patch upgrade for PhotoModeler 2010 and PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 is now available. The release is 2010.0.09. There are 40 changes and fixes. A few useful improvements as well. Details here. In addition, there are tutorial video updates – some now with closed captions, and a number of new ones. See

PhotoModeler 2010 Released!

PhotoModeler 2010 and PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 are released today for sale. With a new cornerstone feature in PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 called SmartMatch, the result can often be a stunning, photorealistic 3D model generated from photographs entirely automatically. SmartMatch detects and matches natural features in images – giving automated project setup and 3D data without the […]

PhotoModeler 2010 New SmartMatch

An amazing new feature was added to the PhotoModeler 2010 beta on Friday. The feature is called SmartMatch. SmartMatch brings automation to create 3d data from every-day images. SmartMatch searches out natural feature points in images, matches them between photos, and generates 3d xyz points automatically. It is as simple as loading your photos and […]