Problems moving a PhotoModeler Scanner license (Meshing license)

The License move feature in some cases may be unstable, and can cause problems writing license related files on the destination computer. The problems are usually related to the Meshing component of the license, and seem to occur more often when running PhotoModeler Scanner on the Vista operating system, but so far we have not been able to establish a consistent pattern for the problem (ie in some cases it works flawlessly on any operating system, and sometimes the move fails). 

The problem results in a lost Meshing license, with error messages appearing on next launch like “Meshing License Alias Problem…”. Or the license appears in the (License Management dialog) to revert to Trial mode, or appears as unactivated.

This license problem can be solved by upgrading to the PhotoModeler Scanner 6.4 version – with updated meshing functions.

PhotoModeler Scanner version 6.4 uses a different meshing component that does not require a separate license key. The advantages of this option are: a) no separate meshing license so there is less probability that license problems will occur again, b) easier PM Scanner license transfers, and c) slightly faster meshing functions.

If you run into any trouble while moving the license, please contact Technical Support and we’ll do our best to assist you.