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Camera Products

Eos Systems offers Pre-Calibrated Digital Cameras, PhotoModeler / Digital Camera Bundles, and Camera Accessory items for your complete project solution. By purchasing a pre-calibrated camera from Eos Systems, you receive a camera that is accurately calibrated, saving you time so you can get started with PhotoModeler right away.

Our pre-calibrated cameras pair an advanced digital SLR camera body with a quality fixed lens to produce high quality images.

The About Cameras page describes the suitability of various cameras to applications. PhotoModeler works just as well with your own camera (whether a DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera). With your own camera, you use the free Camera Calibration commands in PhotoModeler.

The calibration process measures the camera's internal parameters to produce a reliable camera description for accurate use in PhotoModeler. Our calibration is done at a distance of 1m to 2m (3.3 to 6.5 feet), suited to a wide range of object and scene sizes. A well calibrated camera is generally the most important factor in improving PhotoModeler project quality.

It is your choice whether to use your own camera or a pre-calibrated camera from Eos System. Calibrated cameras are available to current owners of PhotoModeler in North America. You must provide a valid PhotoModeler support/serial number to order this item (unless you are ordering a bundle).

Camera items for sale -

  • Nikon Calibrated Camera (see store)
  • Nikon Calibrated Camera / PhotoModeler Bundle (see store)
  • Large Calibration Sheet
  • Fiducials for Film Cameras

Delivery Time -
Depends on stock of calibrated cameras. If stock is on hand, delivery will be 2-4 business days. If calibrated cameras are not in stock, delivery may take from 1 to 4 weeks (please contact for details).



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