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Q. What is PhotoModeler?
A. PhotoModeler is a software package for measuring and modeling real world objects and scenes through the use of photographs. Developed by Eos Systems Inc, PhotoModeler is a world leader in its class. PhotoModeler is based on the science of photogrammetry, which means 'to measure from photographs'. PhotoModeler brings the powerful capabilities of photogrammetry in a simple, easy-to-use Windows environment.



Q. Who uses PhotoModeler?
A. PhotoModeler is used in a number of application areas where measurement and modeling of the real-world is required. These are accident reconstruction, forensics, film and game production, architectural modeling, engineering and scientific applications, manufacturing, archaeology, and surveying.



Q. Why use PhotoModeler?
A. PhotoModeler is a professional tool for generating accurate measurements and models of the real world. The Why PhotoModeler page outlines some of the key benefits.



Q. Which Cameras can be used with PhotoModeler?
A. PhotoModeler accepts photos from a wide range of digital, scanned film, and video cameras.  The most often used is a standard digital camera – the best results being achieved by a DSLR. The About Cameras page provides good background on cameras. To summarize: many cameras can be used, but a modern digital camera is the most common. The best is a digital SLR with fixed (non-zoom) wide-angle lens, but lower-cost point-and-shoot digital cameras work well too - some better than others. The low-cost cameras that work well either have a fixed lens or a stable and repeatable zoom lens, and have control over settings such as image stabilization, orientation detection, and manual focus.



Q. What is PhotoModeler Scanner?
A. PhotoModeler Scanner is a version of PhotoModeler that includes the exciting capability of automatically scanning textured surfaces to create a dense cloud of points. PhotoModeler Scanner includes all the capabilities of PhotoModeler so you only need to purchase one of the two products based on your needs and your budget.
Q. What is the PhotoModeler UAS (PMU) product?
  UAS stands for Unmanned Aircraft System. Other common terms are UAV and drone.  PhotoModeler UAS is an enhanced version of PhotoModeler Scanner that improves the quality and speed of projects with UAV photography, as well as features for some new UAV project types.
Q. What happened to PhotoModeler Motion (PMM) product?


The ability to do 4D modeling (3D + time) called Motion, is now included with the PhotoModeler Scanner product. Starting with version 2016.1, PhotoModeler Scanner contains all the capability of the old PhotoModeler Motion and PhotoModeler Scanner products.

Q. If I own PhotoModeler Motion what happens?

If you own a copy of PhotoModeler Motion you can continue with its use for as long as you wish. If you wish to use your Maintenance Agreement to get the latest you have two options:
- download PhotoModeler UAS, and reuse your PMM activation code to activate PMU.†
- download PhotoModeler Scanner, and request a free PMS code from your reseller or from PhotoModeler sales. †

PhotoModeler UAS and PhotoModeler Scanner contain all the capability of the old PhotoModeler Motion so you can use either. You may want to downgrade to PhotoModeler Scanner if you don't do UAS projects, and then your next maintenance agreement renewal will cost less (PhotoModeler Scanner renewals cost less than PhotoModeler UAS renewals).

† note: before activiting your new PhotoModeler UAS or PhotoModeler Scanner return your existing Motion license to the server (inside your existing PMM software go to Options, License Management, click ‘Move License’, and confirm deactivation).



Q. How does PhotoModeler work?
A. PhotoModeler works from the geometry of light rays. The How PhotoModeler Works page gives a great overview of the steps and some of the technology.



Q. Where can PhotoModeler be purchased?
A. North American, UK, Irish, Australian, New Zealand and Italian customers can purchase PhotoModeler products, and upgrades directly from Eos Systems using the PhotoModeler store at Customers in other geographic locations should contact their local reseller.



Q. How much does PhotoModeler cost?
A. The retail list price in North America of PhotoModeler is $1145us, PhotoModeler Scanner is $2495us, and PhotoModeler UAS is $3495us. Overseas resellers may sell at a different price to account for higher costs (shipping, duties, taxes, and support).



Q. Where can I find articles, papers and additional information on PhotoModeler?
A. There are a number of interesting additional sources of information, papers, and journal articles, etc. See the Resources page.



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